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Thread: imac harmoni 600mhz

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    Thumbs up imac harmoni 600mhz

    One of my rack-mounted imacs is a dedicated CD burning station. The need has arisen to get it burning DVDs also, and I finally went for it, and got a harmoni uprade. This is a rev a rackmounted in a generic case with an atx power supply mod.
    the cpu upgrade was not neccessary, but the harmoni comes with a firewire port that connects to pins on the new processor. Has its own power connection to the HD connector on the Motherboard.
    Works perfectly. It was tricky getting the firmware updated (special firmare for the conenct upgrade), but that's in the past now.

    Glad I did it, but I can't imagine anyone else spending the money-- since you should put that $ towards a new machine.
    We had to since I want the CD/DVD burning done at the rack, and the CDs/DVDs need previews on the images. The cheapest rack-mounted mac is a modified imac. So it was the right choice for me.

    Hope this helps someone
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    How bout some pics?

    Been considering the same, but most of our servers need more go-go than a G3 these days. Good to keep in mind though.

    How much did you spend for case/PS/etc? Cheaper than the Marathon kit I presume....
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