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Thread: A Positive Experience w/XLR8-Daystar

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    Some of you may recall that I was having some intermittent freezes last fall after installing a bunch of stuff simultaneously in my G3/DT (a no-no, I know now). Well, I lived with it while occasionally trying out things like turning off extensions, deleting preferences, etc. Finally, I decided to test out the hardware. From what I could figure, the RAM was good, as was everything else. Except the XLR8 Zif I had purchased last year.

    How is this positive? Gary at Daystar, takes me at my word and sends out a replacement ZIF before I even send the other one back. I put it in, run it over the weekend without a single freeze (formerly it froze around 3 or 4 times a day). I sent the bad zif back today.

    If someone tells you you can't get XLR8 stuff anymore or that there is no longer any support for XLR8 products, they're wrong. Daystar Technology is XLR8 in my view, and the support is excellent.


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    Thanks Jim, good to know. I still have an email about Gary from someone who used to manage this forum when it was just him and Magician.

    "Looks like Gary Daily ended up with residue of XLR8. I hope so, because he's a super guy. His Daystar team did all the original dual processor work for Apple and built those Daystar clones. He was the "real" VP at XLR8 for sales and technology when I first started working with them. He's the one that built XLR8 around the original Daystar bunch. He left for some reason. Gary actually called me more than once about problems and had Chris Cooksey and David Reynolds call. They even built a one-off Carrier with extra adjustments trying to fix the stutter with the Power CC Catalyst machines. He's the one that gave me the first 10X Carrier and one of the first 466 CPUs to test." k

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