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Thread: Upgrading LaserWriter 4/600 to 6 MB RAM

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    I want to add 4MB of RAM to my LW4/600 but I can't seem to find instructions on how/where to put the RAM module. Has anyone ever done this? I'd rather not pay $40 for something that seems like I could do in half an hour on my own. TIA.


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    That is what I've saved from web long time ago - it seems to be gone from their site

    "Memory Expansion Board for Apple LaserWriter 4/600 PS
    Transcend Information, Inc. memory comes in TS2MAP4166 with 4MB, respectively, for Apple LaserWriter 4/600 PS.

    Installation Procedures
    1. Turn the printer off and unplug the power cord from the wall. Disconnect data cable from printer.

    2. Remove the paper tray and open the paper delivery cover by pulling out and down on the cover's tabs.

    3. Open the printer lid and remove the toner cartridge and the four screws around the toner compartment using a #2 Phillips screwdriver.

    4. Place your thumbs on the two thumb points on the rear of the printer and release the rear of the cover by pulling slightly out and up.

    5. Turn the printer around so that the front is facing you and overhanging the edge of the supporting surface by an inch.

    6. Insert a flat head screwdriver under the cover's left bottom corner and pull the cover slightly out and up to release the retention clips. Lift plastic case up and away from the printer chassis.

    7. Turn the printer around so that the metal control board cover is facing you and remove the eight retention screws and the metal cover.

    8. Remove the memory from its protective envelope, holding it by the edges with the components facing you, and insert the memory board connector into the control board connector.

    9. Install the two supplied retention screws into the memory board's hole to secure it and replace the metal cover and its eight retention screws.

    10. Replace printer cover by sliding it over the chassis, press down on the corners until the corner retaining clips snap in place. Replace the four mounting screws (around the toner compartment). Install the toner.

    11. Close the printer lid and paper feed door and replace the paper tray.

    Memory Board Testing
    Do not replace the data cable at this time. Replace the power cord and turn the printer on. The printer will automatically perform a self-test, locate the memory line on the page. If the amount of RAM is not correct for the amount of standard memory plus the amount you installed. Press the TEST/FONT key once. In a few seconds a test sheet will print out with the total amount of memory size. If the memory is correct, proceed to the following steps, if not check all connections and DRAM installation. Turn the printer off and replace the data cable. Turn the printer on and return to service.

    Memory Table of Contents | Home Page | Installation Manuals Index

    Try-Computing International"

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