Responding to a suggestion to note updates I am starting this thread which will be locked.

Latest are some FW800 single drive and striped RAID at the very bottom of the DB. These are new Granite FW800 cases, 20-1032, which will be on their website for viewing Monday or Tuesday. Granite is building and proofing the pages now. Rick should have the MacGurus store open next week also and will be offering Granite products.

I like the Granite cases, easy to install a drive into, fan for cooling, front on/off switch, front LEDs for power and drive activity, FW800 cable, FW800 to FW400 cable, and USB2 cable (USB2 port on back as well as three FW800 ports) with backwards compatibility with USB1.1 and ATA-6 big drive compatibility. More features will be on the website. k