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Thread: Replacement RAID

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    I'm looking for a replacement solution for 2 FWB Hammer RAIDS each on a Mac OS 9 Server. I'm new at the RAID game and find it difficult to come across a fully prebuilt RAID by a reputable company which is affordable. The TX12000 by LaCie sounds good but I don't need all of those empty bays on two boxes (one for each of 2 servers). Our needs are more 24 x 7 reliability rather than storage capacity. Can anyone recommend a solid company which builds and supports smaller, more affordable RAID systems.
    Thanks all; hopefully next time I'll have something to contribute!

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    Couple of options
    (1) build your own but using a software RAID package such as SoftRAID - I'm using several of these in my lab
    (2) have the 'Gurus build up a RAID box for you - see their custom RAID page
    (3) hardware RAID w/ built-in back-planes - some options here - see for one idea.. Several groups here have these half-terabyte boxes running in their labs.



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