I got my Burly put together. She's humming kinda softly by my left ear. It was an adventure, but one that I enjoyed.

Thanks for the help on ordering and the Roll Your Own Raid tutorial was most excellent. Couldn't have done it without that.


Beige w/XLR8 G4 500 (Overclocked bus 83.3 x 6.5 = 541 MHz)
512 MB RAM
4 18 GB Quantum Atlas 10K II in a Burly (wish they were Cheetahs)
All Granite Digital cabling
Miles2, Ratoc FW/USB, ATI Xclaim VR 128

QuickBench---> 10 MBytes 70.487 Read 59.002 Write
Atto ExpressPro-Tools---> PR 75.03 SR 74.73 PW 62.84 SW 61.95
I'm very happy!!!