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Thread: SCSI upgrade for Apple Server

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    I need to upgrade my scsi card and cables on a G3, 300mhz, ASIP 6.3 server, runninng OS 9.04, SoftRaid 2.22 with Mirrored Atlas IV 9GB drives.

    I run the server as a file server for 1200 middle school students. I am upgrading to 36gb Atlas V scsi drives that I want to mirror. Just tell me what to get.

    I then want to put the old 9gb Atlas IV's in an old 8550WGS and run them either as mirrored Softraid or separate volumes. I need a scsi card and cables for that.

    I am hoping to order tomorrow.

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    Well, it's two days later but two Miles2 kits (with cables) from the 'Gurus should do ya.

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    I agree.

    a pair of Miles2 LVD kits will include everything that you need except screws. And if you remember to ask us for those with a comment in the Comments field when you order online, we'll include screws, too, at no charge. Tell us how many drives you need to support, and we'll include four screws per drive and a few spares.

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