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Thread: PowerMac G5 models recommended for music production...

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    Default PowerMac G5 models recommended for music production...

    so now that we're in the midst of a full blown recession i'm seeing a bunch of older generation G5's hit the market for cheap-- which is good because my G4 733 (upgraded to dual 1.8 via gigadesign) took a dump last year and refuses to power up, much less boot up. I've got my eye on a Apple Power Macintosh G5 2.0 DP (PCI-X) selling for $500.

    i've recently been educating myself about the pitfalls of buying one of the older machines-- apparently the PCI-only G5's suffer from a serious bandwidth issue writing to the hard drive-- not good for audio production at all. what else should i be looking out for? is the machine above a sound purchase for a pro-tools rig?

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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    The 4 RAM slot G5s are the crippled ones. Go for an 8 slot model. The liquid cooled ones have had issues with leakage so you might want to avoid those too unless you can fix those kind of issues yourself.

    I don't know that I'd bother with a G5 myself unless it was pretty cheap. My G4 is doing fine so I'm holding out until I can make the jump to a MacBook Pro. For the kind of work I do even the low-end model would be overkill, but I want the big display. Native systems have come a long way. A MacBook is plenty powerful enough for my needs, I don't have to mod it to be quiet, and it's made for traveling.

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    Agreed. Many of the G5s are finicky about RAM, seem to have fairly high PSU failure rates, and the fans are quiet at idle, but can be pretty loud when under load. 10.6 will be out in about 4-6 months and will be optimized for Intel Macs.

    If you want to move in 10.5 and associated can round up an Intel iMac (closeout of the previous model) for about $999.

    Even the latest mini at $599 is faster than all but the latest/fastest G5s. New and quiet.

    The G5 is your best choice if you want to stick with 10.4, if you have legacy software that is for PPC, or if you really need two internal drives (or more), or if you have PCI card requirements. You can use this comparison doodad to compare differences between models. They all look the same, but you need this decoder ring to figure out the differences.
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