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Thread: Cant hear mic through speakers

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    Default Cant hear mic through speakers

    Hi, If I connected a mic through the Mac mic input. Is it possible to hear it from my external speakers? Does it work like that? I see the levels going up from the Sound (system preferences) but somehow no sound is going out the speakers. Need setup help. Thanks

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    There should be an option in Sound preferences to route the input to the output. I say should because my DA has no built-in sound input, and I don't remember if this option is available in OSX. I know it's there in 9 if your Mac has a sound input. You have more options for sound I/O in Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup if it doesn't show up in System Preferences>Sound.

    You will experience a very slight delay (a few ms) between what goes in, and what comes out.

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    I know that with Soundcontroller, CD SpinDoctor, or WireTap, (I use all three) you can set the throughput so that the mic goes straight out the speakers (watch out for feedback). I also have IBM ViaVoice and it allows mic to the audio out (headphones or external speakers).

    I've never done it through the OS though.
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