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    I've been using MIDI hardware for years but never got around to hooking any of this to my Macs. I would like to know what recommendations people have here for a MIDI interface for New World Macs. Also, what software would your recommend as a sequencer?

    I'm not much interested in sampling and waveform audio for this. Just MIDI control, sequencing, mixing, etc.


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    Geez, there's so many MIDI interfaces out there from $50-1000.00US, I think it might be a matter of how many MIDI channels you need. Of course, Mark Of The Unicorn has been one of the top leaders in making Mac (and Wintel as well) MIDI interfaces since the 80's.

    As far as sequencing, MOTU also makes Digital Performer (which can be found at the above link), but there's always been Logic (which has kind of a steep learning curve when you first use it) and Cubase.


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