Hey all,

I've just decided that my reel to reel needs to go, and I need a little help moving the contents of my tapes to CD.

Here's what I've got:
Mono recordings of old jazz performances (true mono, one track only).

I'm importing them as waves on the PC, as I can afford to let the PC do nothing but record sound for days at a time.

I'm having problems with getting my track (left) to burn to a cd as left and right. I wanna eliminate the right track (hiss), and burn the left track (music) as both left and right. I need a serious increase in levels as well, and I need to do it digitally, as the line is not adjustable.

I'd also like to kill 8khz, as this is the hiss frequency for old tape (pre DBX).

As this is a one time effort, I'd also like to use demo-ware...any thoughts?

Stuff I've already got which may help:
Toast 5.1
iTunes 2.0.3
OLD versions of Macromedia Deck & SoundEdit

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