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Thread: SoundBlaster Live? for Mac

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    The only 'moderator' function I can qualify for in the rarified air of this forum is to pose questions to which I would like to know the answers. Soo.. How 'bout this card? Is it worth $99? Is EAX all it is cracked up yo be? Is DTS? Is the Cambridge Soundworks speaker set the best match for this card, assuming it is not output to my main stereo system? How much better are the top-of-the-line Creative Labs PC cards compared to the single SoundBlaster Live! series Mac offering?

    These are non pro questions but maybe other folks are also wondering about this card. There was some commotion about it right before it came out, but now I hear almost nothing about it.

    Anybody have experience with it? Recommend it? Recommend a cheap pro card instead?

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    Go here and here for more. My post in the first link says it all about my feelings. Was in my PTP. In its box now. k

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    I started a post or two that generated much discussion on this card. Here is what I got out of most info.

    1. It is not high quality or high end.
    2. It is an expensive way for someone without RCA jacks to get some.
    3. The amplification stinks and if you are running to a stereo or powered speakers then you get triple amp. computer -> SBlaster -> stereo/amped speakers and that makes things sound bad.

    My friend just put one in a PCI G4 and bought a $200 speaker system - there is a lot of distortion - yes it is loud but I hear the sshhhhhhhh in the background. I spent 20 bucks on a cord with RCA jacks and even running 36' to my stereo sounds great.

    If you want "pro quality" or "real high end" get something else. I also found true digital is expensive - beyond me - other priorities - eating.

    M. Brane has been very helpful. Read this:

    And no OS X - it will not work - I have been told.


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    There are some very informative threads about the Sound Blaster on Breeden's site here:

    The basic jist I get is you don't want one. Many problems, poor support from Creative and even if it did what they said it will it's basically a gamer's card- not for high-quality sound(at least as I define it).

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