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Thread: Video CD?

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    I posted part of this on a recent thread asking about installing FilmGimp (now CinePaint) with Fink Commander. I am brand new to the world of video. Although I dabbled once long ago with some AVID software that came bundled on one of the old AV Macs, that is about all I have ever done with movies. I now am using iMovie to draw in photos from iPhoto and music from iTunes to create a montage for a family reunion. Nothing too fancy. Some transitions, a special effect here and there. Get the songs to stop, start and fade at the right places.

    How do I get the finished product onto a CD? I also have Toast. Toast allows mew to burn a Video CD (it won't though because it says the drivers are not installed and I should reinstall Toast). I tried burning a test imovie export as a QUICKTIME movie, in Toast. I also tried it as a DVD, since I am trying to play the CD an any DVD player - which I think will also play a video CD.

    Which files do I need to put on the CD? The movie? The media folder? The small app that seems to be the index? If I include the media folder it is way to big for a CD. What are the size limitations that I should be looking at? Or, how can I compress the final product in such a way that I can actually distribute it?


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    Toast 5 installs an extension "Toast VideoCD Support" into the extensions folder so it can be accessed by iMovie, Final Cut, etc. It will then show up as an option when you export. Alternatively, you can open toast and select VideoCD, then just drop a quicktime movie onto the window, and toast will compress and make the VCD in one step. Toast 6 must be used this way since it does not install an extension.

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