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Thread: Burning DVDs

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    I haved a souped up (thanks to the Gurus) 7600 with the following specs:

    xlr8 466G3 running at 500/250
    192M RAM
    18G Cheetah
    8G narrow SCSI Seagate Medalits pro (not Gurus)
    xlr8 machfire
    keyspan USB card

    I bought the machfire card so I could edit DV from a Canon Elura2 digital camcorder. I ended up having to buy the miles2 and cheetah because the medalist couldn't write the data quick enough. This is all working fine with a iMovie that I bought on e-bay (there is one quirk - the camera has to on and plugged into the firewire card when the computer boots up to be recognized - after that I can unplug it but without booting it up connected and turned on it won't recognize it) but I would like to burn DVDs instead of saving edited movies to tape.

    What I would like to know is if I bought the EZ Quest FW superdrive could I burn DVDs and if so what limitations would there be? The longest movie I have is one hour long. How long would it take me to burn and would I need more disk space? That one hour movie filled up the cheetah. I know I can buy iDVD on e-bay relatively inexpensively so that's not an issue but I would like to know it it's worth while or if I should invest in a new iMac or look for an older G4 with a superdrive.

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    Your simplest bet might be getting toast CD burning software, a CD Burner, and making video CD's. If you do a little research on burning the perfect Video CD, (which can be played on MOST DVD players, as well as windows CD machines.)
    It's not the finest broadcast quality, but it does satisfy the hobbiests need to put their movies on TV.
    You open your movie in apple's Movie Player software (supplied with all mac OS's up to 9.1), and after editing, tweeking, you export to Video CD, (an export option after installing toast), and after a few hours, a VCD is created and burned to a blank CDRW disk. This should play relatively well for you. It will also reduce your movie lengths file size considerably, and you should be able to get an hour or so of movie on one CDRW.
    This is your cheapest option, and it allows you to dabble in the film world without spending big bucks.
    I have a PTP XLR8 500/250 G3 with an analog ATI capture card. I make some pretty nice stuff.

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