I have been wanting to try a Voodoo but with all the different Voodoo's 2,3,4,5, how much more do, they increase performance and is it only for 3D and color in gaming?

Where else will it help the Internet, video clips, resolution/color ???

Trying to justify a Voodoo when I don't do the 3D or heavy duty graphic games.

Sounds like a Voodoo 4 or 5 would be best how about a 3? A little boost better than none?

Running a 7500 with the XLR8 G3 400Mhz, 224 megs ram, 4 MB VRAM.

Someone said I might stress the 7500’s power supply with a Voodoo5?

Well I was thinking a Voodoo 3 would work good - not too expensive, not stressing my power supply and I really don't do the 3D or heavy duty graphics.


A Voodoo 3 is $65+ used/new so a new Voodoo 5500 for just at or over $100 sounds like a better deal........

Suggestions or comments very much welcomed.

If I don't use my computer for many games - what would a Voodoo card do for me? Am I wasting my money?