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Thread: A-Card for IDE/SCSI

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    I have bought a AEC-7720UW Bridge Adapter to adapt my IDE hard disk for SCSI interface of my Power Mac 9600/200 because i had read, that former A-Cards placed in the PCI-slot of the Tsunami logic board do not garantee flawless audio and video recording/playback.
    And the AEC-7720 UW Bridge adapter serves only for one particular IDE and does not anable attaching 2 or 4 IDE devices.
    When I attached the Bridge adapter to my Adaptec 2940UW Controller and tried to digitize video footage I got initially no dropped frames and flawless sound. But then I had the same experience like other videophiles with 9600s PowerMacs - droped frames, poor recordings/playbacks.
    My question: If I would create a RAID 0 system and combine a real SCSI hard disk with my A-Card IDE/SCSI-converted hard disk would I get better results? Has anyone made such an experience?

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    I'm completely baffled about how you'd get initial good takes, then the problems you described.

    While I'll admit I'm no "videophile-guru", my advice (h/ware & software willing) would be to use the IDE for audio capture and the SCSI drive for the video.
    As just regular 16bit 44.1KHz audio (CD quality) only needs 3MB p/sec capture whereas video captures (writes) 9MB p/sec.

    Luckily for you, somebody should come along soon to set you straight on how to complete your RAID setup, because I just don't know how to do so with the method you've described.


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    Read this article This probably is where you will find the help you need. Rick is the only person that I am aware of that has posted a webpage about his experience with the Acard adapter. Email Rick if you have questions, the address is listed in the article. Best wishes.

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    we've been pretty "old school" on this issue.

    rather than lecture about trying to use IDE drives in vintage Macs, I'll just say that some folks are able to use IDE drives emulating SCSI drives for audio and video in such machines, but they are definitely in the minority.

    my definitive guidance (and I know it ain't pretty):

    if you need SCSI, get SCSI. If you can use IDE, great. But make sure you are working on a beige G3 or later. Otherwise, stick to SCSI. Or migrate to a newer machine.

    we are also very old school on arrays: we do not endorse or recommend the use of RAID 0 or RAID 1 unless you are using matching drives when creating the volume.

    most audio applications can't really use arrays, anyway. They are rarely really needed for video, these days, unless you just need a huge virtual volume. Pretty much any new drive these days, whether IDE or LVD, has more than enough thruput for capture and print to tape.

    today's really fast drives are used for rendering.

    hope this helps.

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