For Sale;

One ATTO UL3S (33MHz) SCSI host card. 2 years old. The best.

GraniteDigital internal SCSI cable (TPO) for two drives and an active terminator.

One Siig Ultra ATA 133 RAID Controller with two channels and the original two cables, can handle four drives. 2 years old. Ran this in my G4 with very impressive performance.

Two regular Airport cards. Recently purchased but never used.

One Macsense AeroPad Plus USB wireless adapter, for non-Airport card capable USB-equipped Macs. Worked great with a slot-loading iMac and a G3 B&W. 6mo. old.

One Adaptec 2906 SCSI host card. About 3 years old, totally solid.

One EZQuest Boa firewire CD-RW 24x10x40 firewire burner. About 3 years old but hardly used- got a G4 with burner soon after, worked great though with G3. Very fast.

Sold the G4, selling the G3, got a G5, went external SCSI, and have plenty of ATA drives for my firewire setup....

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