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Thread: ADB Keyboards must go...

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    I have an Apple ADB Keyboard II (M0487) keyboard from an old Mac I don't even have anymore. No mouse, etc. Just the keyboard and two cables. I haven't even taken it out of the box in about 5 years. It is in good shape. If you need an old small ADB keyboard. e-mail me and we can get you fixed up.

    I don't remember what Mac model this came with (possibly a Performa) but I bought an extended keyboard to replace it then forgot I had it when I donated the Mac to my kids' school. It is practically "new" as far as usage is concerned. It would be a good keyboard for a headless Mac that can take an ADB keyboard. Or a good spare.

    I will let it go for postage. "She who must be obeyed" has commanded it. Postage anywhere in the US ought to be less than $8.

    Cheers all,

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    Yep, got to keep the Chief of Staff happy.......

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