I have several various items (bits and pieces really) for B&W G3's and G4's that I am trying to move.

1. Faceplate (without bezels) for a B&W G3. Free -- will ship for postage. (I don't have a B&W case).

2. ActionTEC USB Call Waiting Modem. Powers up (off of USB cable) and is recognized by ASP but I don't know if it works. I don't have the software for it. Make offer.

3. B&W G3 hard drive sled set (3 plates -- all singles) with front riser plate. (will also work in G4 tower cases) Make offer.

4. G3/G4 Tower hard drive sled set (3 plates -- 2 singles, 1 double) with front riser plate. Make offer.

5. Blue Mac USB keyboard (from B&W G3 -- standard). Enter key on number pad does not work (won't spring back up). Make offer.

My wife will thank you for reducing my clutter...