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Thread: Wanted: Cheap video card to add 2nd monitor

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    Chad Guest


    Two screens are better than one.

    I am looking for a cheap video card that I can use two add a 2nd monitor. (two displays at the same time)

    I have a beige G3 minitower with lots of PCI space. Right now Ive got a PC monitor running and another one waiting on me to figure out how to hook it up.

    Please help if you know what I need, let me know!

    Thank you

    PS: is there a used mac website out there?

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    I know i am going to get flammed for this but here it goes..... on the specials page IXMICRO pci video card...$39.95

    i purchased this one to use as a 2nd display for my ProTools rig...i know its not supported but it has worked flawlessly...and....i have a Beige G3 MT!


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    Yeah, right! This is an anti-flame for s.d. finley saying nice post!

    That card is great for a cheap solution, and the denizens of this site are not hardware snobs. We are all about the cheap solution when that's all that's required. Thanks for the info.

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    Chad Guest


    Thanks a million Finley!
    You have given me exactly what I was looking for, video card answers and a great place to buy one!

    Thanks again
    and great site to all behind!

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    I have a Twin Turbo you can have for the price of shipping. Anything for a fellow guru!


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    Chad Guest


    I think that is a deal I can't refuse Dan.

    If you like you can email me at:
    and let me know how you want the deal to go down.


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