Misc Computer Items Garage Sale
(no these items were never really kept in a garage):

Apple HPV Video Card, 2MB VRAM, upgradable to 4MB, great for early Powermacs, $15
Apple 8MB FPM, 2k refresh, 168-pin DIMM, $10 ea.
Apple 16MB FPM, 2k refresh, 168-pin DIMM, $15 ea.
Apple Performa 560, $10
Dell barebones OptiPlex 466/LE $9 ea.
Dell barebones OptiPlex Gn+ $15 ea.
1GB IBM Narrow 50-pin SCSI Internal hard drive, $15
256k L2 Cache for Umax C500, $5 ea.
ZIF CPU Clips (for G3s and ZIF Carriers), $4 ea.
Mac to VGA Monitor Adapters, connect new and cheap PC style VGA monitors to a standard Mac video port, $11 ea.
Mac Power cables, $4 ea.

There's still a few more things around I'll be adding to the list. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these items feel free to either make post in this forum thread or email me at Filter413@hotmail.com