I am running Panther 10.3.3 with the latest updates...sometimes I seem to have a problem with volumes being seen by Classic!
Lets say I mount my server, or a CD/DVD to my desktop and launch Classic...then I launch Quark 4 and I go to open a file from either the server volume or the CD/DVD I can see them mounted on the desktop without problem...However if I mount a volume or CD/DVD after I have Classic already running I cannot see these on the desktop. For me to see them through Quark I have to restart Classic and then the volumes can be accessed.
Yet on another machine in the same operating enviroment volumes can be mounted and removed at will and can be seen by Classic applications without restarting Classic!

Is there a control or preference that I can control on my machine to allow me to see these volumes that have been mounted after Classic is already running, that will not require me to restart the Classic enviroment to be accessed???

Thanks for your help