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Thread: 10.3.3 and video rom too old

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    Default 10.3.3 and video rom too old


    I've run across the "rom too old problem" on my B&W G3/350. The card in question is a #9 Imagine 128. I have tried the "romndrv=1" fix to no avail. #9's been out of business for some time ( too bad, I love this card !) Any help would be appreciated.

    Specs are as follows:

    B&W g3/350
    1 gig of ram
    rom version 154
    rage 128

    atto express pci pro UL3D
    digi 001 card

    1 ide 2 scsi drives

    as you can see the box is full, and I could probably do myself a favor and get a dual head agp card. but I was hoping to make it till sept and upgrade the studio - this box will become a fileserver. Anyone know how to help me save a few bucks by restoring the imagine 128 ?

    thanks in advance.

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    If you are handy, you could buy ATI Radeon 9200 64MB PCI (PC) $49, and flash it with Radeon 8500 ROM. Steps can be found on or XPostFacto or MacCentral Sonnet forums.

    The B&W uses PCI rather than AGP video. OEM Rage 128 would work also. Retail Radeon 7000 Mac is the easy way, ~$99.

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    Default excellent.

    I'll probably try the rom flash. that sounds like a good bet. I'd still like to know what changed, besides the OS looking for the date in/on the rom...

    Thanks for the reminder on the apple spec'd internal video card. In my frustration with the issue, I'd snagged an AGP card from work - Imagine my surprise when I pulled the old card and compared the two....

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