Here's what I'm running now (please keep laughter to a dull roar): Power Mac 8500/132 with Sonnett G3 233MHz processor upgrade card, ATI 32MB video, System 8.5, Sony 21" monitor, HP LaserJet 4MP printer from 1993, cable modem. I work as a professional freelance designer with this setup. Everything works fine (except maybe streaming video and DHCP handling) but I'm starting to run into clients' Illustrator 9 &10 files (I have ver. 8). I also have PhotoShop 5, Office 98, Quark 4.1. I've been reluctant to upgrade the system software or apps to something short of System X native because I keep thinking I'll soon have new hardware and System X. Now I think maybe the time to take the plunge but, you guessed it, what about Quark? (WARNING: knowledge gap approaching!) Do any of the FW800 Macs boot into Sys 9? I don't want to spend the money for the earlier Dual 1.25GHz model which I understand does boot Sys 9. Will a FW800 Mac run Quark in Classic out of the box? What is the difference between Classic and Sys 9? Does Classic need System 9 to work? Is Sys 9 included with Jaguar? I use Quark every day and God knows when that will be System X native. Also, if I don't do that much PhotoShop can I get away with the 1GHz 800FW with 768 MB ram or does Jaguar REQUIRE dual processors to work properly? Thanks for reading my long cry for help. Cheers.