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Thread: Running a file-server in a multi-OSX household

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    I came across this via the O'Reilly site Home-made dotMac as an overview with examples of serving files from an OSX machine (in the author's case, an eMac) to all the other Macs in the house, including feeding into an FM bridge to run your own iTunes-based radio stations in the house.

    When he talks about access from "anywhere in the world" (that is, out on the Internet), you need IMO to have pretty solidly laid out your network security and made sure all your local OSX accounts have good, hard-to-crack passwords. But still, what a great concept!


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    I read that article awhile back, Jazz and thought it would be neat to try. It just went on the backburner with about a million other things I'm messing around with on this home network!

    Still, I took my Powerbook out to the living room yesterday and pulled mp3s off a Linux file server in the home office's closet while I did some PowerPoint presentations. That was via the Orinoco wireless card. I saw a gadget yesterday in CompUSA for about 50 bucks which let's you hook a laptop up to a stereo receiver. Can't remember what it was called, but it was OS X compatible (which is why it caught my eye).

    Then I pulled some pics from a wedding I was at on Valentine's Day off my iDisk (wirelessly of course!) while I had the Powerbook plugged into the TV via an S-video cable. My girlfriend and I looked throught them and put together a photo album for our recently married friends!


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    Well, what I read in that article might be enough to make me change my mind about what OS to run on my MultiMediaMac...

    I'm building a beige G3 with a 120GB hard drive, CD-burner, FireWire/USB card, 6-in-1 card reader and an ATI video card with NTSC-out to my TV. I'm controlling it with a MacAlly remote iWebKey keyboard and a Keyspan Digital Media Remote.

    The idea is to have our MP3 collection stored on it, our digital photos, any digital movies we happen to collect (we aren't at the point yet of shooting and editing our own, although I do have an Interview2 for it), and anything else we want accessible from our couch.

    I was gonna run OS9.1, which is all I would need to run iTunes 2.0.4, use DiscBurner, and sync to my wife's (hopefully) soon-to-come iPod. (This is also a subversive attempt to get my wife used to using Macs more so we don't have to buy another PC to replace hers when it's time for the pasture).

    Now I'm thinking I might want to go ahead and run OSX on it, although it'll be slow, to try and do some of the things this guy was talking about. We'll see- this is going to be a big experiment, and it's success will largely be measured by how much my wife tolerates. She's already questioning me on when it'll be finished!

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