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Thread: rebooting from osx to os922

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    My reboot on a 933 256 g4 from osx to os922 freezes during the extensions load at about the "dvd" icon. Only way to remedy this is to restart and cross fingers, Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    ?Simplify this problem as most likely being a OS9 extension conflict or corrupt extension. Assume it has nothing to do with OSX.

    ?First, do a Open Firmware reset in case a setting in NVRAM is the cause. If you haven't done one before Hold the Command+Option+O+F keys during startup. That will place you in the Open Firmware Interface, a command line interface. At the end of any text you will get a '>' prompt. At that prompt type:

    Hit Return
    Hit Return
    Hit Return and your computer will resume normal startup.

    ?At that point your settings are ALL at factory default and if the problem persists you can either reinstall the system over the top of your old system hoping to replace a corrupt extension or use Conflict Catcher to figure out which extension is causing the problem. Conflict Catcher is probably still available on a trial basis so you might check or for the download.

    Hope that helps.


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    Another,to move your Preference folder out of the System Folder so it has to create new prefs. A bad pref is possible. Prefs Overload will scan for damaged files. So too will Conflict Catcher. Fonts? Classic fonts are scanned and used by OS X but I don't think it adds any or would modify the Classic set. If you use the same system folder for Classic and OS 9.2, some like to use different systems, put one on the OS X volume, another on its own volume.

    YOu could always do a clean install and see if that helps.


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