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    Please take a look at Upgrading G4 first as it should answer or give you some ideas of what you can do.

    Serial ATA drives of 250GB each. Yes.
    Replace the 40GB for 120GB. Yes.
    Upgrade G4/500DP to 1.3DP. Yes.
    If you have four RAM slots, I think you can use 2GB RAM in OS X.

    Cost: $1000?

    There is a "good strong" market for used G4s still.
    So you might want to sell and go that route.

    Cost of G5 1.8DP $1800-2000 + 2GB RAM? (Apple Store Specials)
    To get the most out of an MDD, and I've been tinkering with mine for nine months so it is almost ready...

    Is to add 1.5GB RAM to the stock configuration.
    Add another hard drive.
    Add Serial ATA controller and at least one 10K Raptor 74GB (or high performance 60MB/sec+ drive).
    Add USB2 controller for scanners etc.
    Have at least one FireWire drive for storage of video projects and backup.
    Add one every year probably. Have one "spare" drive at the ready.
    Check out the "Books on ěS X."

    Move /Users to another drive, or use a symbolic link for your media files to another partition, or another drive, to keep the boot volume from getting fragmented, crowded, and having swap and cache files scattered throughout the drive. (The outer tracks are usually 2x faster than inner, and performance degrades quickly as drive gets to 65% and beyond).

    Having a 3rd drive would help.
    Boot from 10K Raptor
    Leave your data files on the new 160GB drive.
    Use your current 80GB drive for backup
    Add an external SATA or FireWire for backups.
    Add Pioneer SuperDrive for burning DVDs if you can't currently.
    A few points to consider:

    1. Have a backup of OS/Applications one generation old.
    2. Have a backup of current OS/Apps/Users
    3. Make a scratch partition for video work.
    4. Have 2 backups of media files, one on the
    computer and another somewhere else.
    5. Use a backup application to automate a daily
    backup process.
    Changing /Users Location
    Using Terminal to Move/Change /Users
    SATA & ATA Drives
    Ultimate System Drives
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