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Thread: Older Burly Enclosure to Port Multiplier?

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    Default Older Burly Enclosure to Port Multiplier?

    Can anyone post about their experience installing two Port Multiplier kits in an older Burly 8 bay enclosure? I have one which needs to be connected to a new MacPro and that seems to be the best solution in combination with a new PM capable PCIe card.
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    The results from installing PM Upgrade Kits to your 8 bay is identical to purchasing a new PM enclosure. Some drives don't work with PM technology very well, I would usually warn against any enterprise version of most any manufacturers drives. They often have serious problems. But standard desktop drives from Hitachi, Seagate Maxtor and WD usually work fine. The parts you need for an 8 bay are:

    PM Upgrade kit x 2
    eSATA to eSATA external cable x 2

    You may already have eSATA to eSATA cables with your current Burly, if so you do not need more of them. (which is why we don't package them with the upgrade kit)

    The PM boards replace all internal wiring and come with board and internal data cables and power adapter cable to power the board. Here's a picture that shows the PM board with one of the data cables connected, the power adapter connector and 2 pairs of LED wires attached so you can get activity lights working. You can see from the picture the black ground wire is to the outside of the board. Pins for LEDs are marked same as ports for the data cable. LED pins for port 0 and port 1 are the ones that are connected going from right to left. Port 2 is the next one. (piece of cake)

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    Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know. I'm going to try the two kits and a Sonnet 4 port card.

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