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Thread: Best methood to Copy or Back up a CD?

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    I just got a game on CD and the CD needs to be in the computer to play. I need a backup - because my nephews will love it - and one day probaly ruin it - no when they do . Then I will have or need a backup.

    I have never copied a CD? I am using my QS 733 with the CDRW. It is an OS 9 CD so should I copy it in OS 9, or OS X - 10.1.5

    I should bacup my system OS X disks also.


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    Randy, in X.1.5: (I don't think it matters whether you copy it in 9 or X)
    1. Insert your game cd, then open Disk Copy (/Applications/Utilities/).

    2. From the Image menu, choose 'New Image from Device...' A list of discs appear with crytic numbers. Here's where it gets tricky. You have to figure out which dev/disk is the (one in) the cd-rom; it should say which after you click the arrows..

    Once you've identified that disc, select it. Then press Image.

    3. In the resulting dialog, give your disc a name and in Image Format, select DVD/CD master. Then select a location in your directory to save the image (.dmg). And then press Image. What follows will take some time, depending on how much data is on the cd you're copying.

    4. At this point, I usually verify the disk image by mounting it and then examining its contents: from the File menu in Disk Copy, choose Mount Image...After its mounted and you are satisfied with its contents, you can then drag it to the trash or cmd+E.

    5. Once that's done, eject the cd in your cdrw, and put in a fresh cd-r or cd-rw.

    6. Now select Burn Image... from the Image menu in Disk Copy. Locate that .dmg file you just made on your drive, and in the resulting dialog, select the .dmg and choose burn. For Burn Options, I usually use a low speed to avoid errors; others I'm sure will chime in on the fine points of this...

    7. Once the burn's done. I'd eject it, then stick it back in to make sure it mounts properly, has the correct name, and that you can drag copy stuff off of it (if you need to).

    This is what I know so far- there may be an easier way to do this. I think if you just want to backup a bunch of files or folders, you can just insert a blank disc, prepare it in the normal fashion from the resulting prompt, and then drag the folders onto it, and from the File menu in the Finder, choose Burn Disc... The above is for an exact copy.


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