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Thread: Compatible processors?

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    I dropped my Wallstreet yesterday, and now it won't boot off its hard drive (it will off a CD). Last night I took the thing apart and it seems my hard drive has been totally destroyed (platters shattered or something). So I need to get a new hard drive.

    While taking my computer completely apart I noticed one very interesting thing. It seems that the connectors between processor and MOBO are exactly the same as connectors between my rev. A iMac processor and MOBO. Looking at pictures of iMac and Powerbook processors shows them to be nearly identical in chip layout, board shape, and general design. Sonnet currently has two "new" products on their processor page, one for PowerBook G3s and one for iMacs. Strange huh? Any thoughts on if a powerbook processor would work in an iMac or vise-versa?

    I am not sure what I would do if I could do this, but I am curious about the possibilities in tinkering to say the least

    - Chris

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    Any thoughts on if a powerbook processor would work in an iMac or vise-versa?

    I would say the iMac CPU could work on a PB - but Apple put the ROMs (Firemware?) on those modules - so you would have to 'flash' the iMac module so it thinks its a PB module.

    There might be other issues like power, heat, etc.... it does make it easier for upgrade companies to build stuff.

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    It probably could be done... but theres lots of tiny issues like those mentioned. You would have to find a utility to flash the firmware on the CPU modules also.


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