I work at a organization that is 100% mac. We have mostly g3 300 desktops and towers and servers. We have upgraded to single 15,000 RPM cheetahs for data storage that are then partitioned into various virtual drives that we mount on our desktops to access the data.

Lately we have had 3 separate data losses and our tech suggested the 15k heetahs were at fault. I dissagreed, since I have 15k cheetahs and know they are stable when installed correctly. We did have one drive outrightfail several months ago. We got a replacement drive at no cost on this occasion.

The second and third data loss are suspicious, and can in no way be the fault of the cheetahs, or a software failure in my opinion.

In one case the 15K cheetah was partitioned into several virtual drives. All the data from inside one of three sub folders on a single partition dissapeared during the evening shift. The folder was empty. When norton recovery was run there was no trace of the missing data. No one on the evening shift knows how to overwrite a partition.

In the second case, the contents of a subfolder partially dissapeared on a partitioned virtual drive on the evening shift, only this time the files that dissapeared were logos sa-z alphabetically, s-sa still being in the same folder. Right away I pointed out to the tech that when drives fail, they don't do it alpabetically. I could see an entire folder going south, but not just half the logos in one file. I must point out that before the loss, when we accessed the art in this folder we were getting the message that too many files were in the folder and that not all would be displayed. Again, the files could not be recovered through nortons.

It looks like omeone is throwing things out to get rid of the annoying message, but all of us in graphics are the only ones accessing these files and we would never force ourselves to rescan or rebuild over 100 logos. (I think)

Can files become corrupt and dissapear without a trace alphabetically? I don't think so and I need confirmation of this.

I can't even answer questions about what software is used for partitioning, or why we do not back-up, as well as what kind of SCSI card we are using to control the Cheetahs. These are beyond my control and I am not privy to such information. I just need your thoughts on what may be occurring.

Thanks for your input....Terrible at work

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