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Thread: Tracking SPAM from forum postings

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    I received SPAM at my address used exclusively MacGurus forums posting. To wit: macgurusforum@mydomain. I'm curious whether others have received SPAM sent to an email address used exclusively for MacGurus forums?

    NB: this is not the address used for MacGurus purchases. I am NOT accusing anyone of selling my information!! This may seem like a troll, or that I've posted from ill will, but I hope to assure that this is posted from curiosity and not malice.

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    I do not believe I myself have ever received SPAM generated in anyway from the GURU's site or members. I keep my good e-mail addresses clean. And uyse a few others that I know will end up with a lot of SPAM.

    I have been at the GURU's site allmost daily for over 18 months now.


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    ?Ya know, barring a server error that dumped someone else's spam on me, I haven't had any spam on my Gurus email. Maybe two per week. I never use it for purchases or on other sites where it could get listed/sold/searched or whatever. That has paid off in a very incredibly quiet businesslike email environment.

    ?One thing I can guarantee you: Magician would go absolutely bonkers if this community here on the forum were getting thrashed by spammers because of something he was or wasn't doing. That we can all take to the bank. In fact, bonkers is a bit on the mild side.

    ?I have no idea how to prevent abuse, other members here do have that kind of knowledge and maybe some of them will chip in. If there are things we can all do, I'd love to hear about them.

    ?Speaking of spammers, I for one can get pretty creative when thinking of possible retribution.


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    If necessary contact your ISP and forward the SPAM mail to them and see what action they can take. The other idea is to go to the site and do a tracer to find out the origin. Sometimes these spammers are pretty clever using phony dns or they use some unsuspecting dns in another country or the source is untraceable which is frustrating.

    Yes there are definite ways of retribution if the spam doesnt stop.

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