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Thread: Dual 867 MDD Dead?

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    Hey guys,

    I've got a Dual 867, which was having some shutdown issues, and lost a RAID after a DW repair (probably unrelated).

    I was also in California during an electrical storm a few days before this happened.

    I then moved the machine (carefully).

    Now it will not chime, boot, etc.

    The power button causes the indicator on the front to light up, and immediately fade, however, the fans come on, and after about a minute go into wind tunnel mode.

    I have done a PMU reset, and have since tried pulling pci, agp, and ram.

    Still the behaivior is the same.

    The red DS18 led is on on the mobo.

    The PRAM battery is showing 3.58 volts.

    It did this once long ago, but reset itself magically.

    Please help....I'm literally losing my mind over this.

    I would GREATLY appreciate if replies could be mailed to staff AT scomo DOT net, as I'll receive that on my phone...

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    i had the same thing happen to my d867. nedless to say the motherboard was fried and had to have it replaced ... twice. still doesnt work right ither now

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