I've got a beige G3/333, factory Zip, CD-ROM, and SCSI-3 card, running OS 9.1.

I have this recurring, reproducable "glitch" type problem with the CD-ROM drive. If the CPU is on, and I drop in a CD-ROM or audio CD, it's not recognized. If I start up the CPU with a data CD in the drive, it shows up on the desktop. I've got CD-ROM Toolkit v 4.01 running, but I think it only recognizes SCSI drives. I believe the CD-ROM and the Zip are ATA. I've also got a CD-R drive connected to the SCSI port, which is recognized and performs as it should, but it's only a 2x/4x write/read, and painfully slow for reading audio.

Anything here put up a flag? Is there some setting I'm missing? OS Update? I never liked the fact that Mac veered from the SCSI stuff when they started doing the Performas and all that, and it seems to still be a "problem" with this G3. I think this G3 has an internal SCSI connection, but I haven't tried utilizing it yet. I'm thinking the ATA drive should work, right?


Chip Tredo - Dallas.