Randy, Ur problem -I hate to let U know- stems most likely from a bad mobo or CPU. When I had similar trouble, it was the mobo... My recent (above) issue was quite different, since nothing happend inside the unit trying to power it up. Only the pwr btn lit up, but nothing else...

Good news, bad news... I just got off the phone with my Apple Care 'Helper'. As I've mentioned here or in another thread, I am supposed to get a G5 as a replacement for my troubled DP MDD... The one that just had its mobo replaced and gave me no more than 'bout 8 hours of crash-free usage... Now that 'guy' knows a few things, wow..! He explained to me why AHT could not/would not recognize the original issue which was a bad Ram slot, the J20... The G4 would crash only after a few hours of seemingly flawless performance, because by then it would be hot enough to bend some weak metal in the Ram slot. A copper heat sink would only have delayed the agony...Therefore the actual Ram stick could not've been at fault. And with AHT employed, even all night, the unit would never get hot enough for the trouble to occur. Now, even though the MDD in question would be good for 1 more repair under AC, he decided to retire it because apparently Apple just doesn't seem to have anymore mobo's in perfect condition that would make an other replacement a sound choice.

Regarding the recent QS failure at start-up, he actually took the time to give me a hint as to the most likely causes... Yes, static a possibility. We hardly had any humdidity here on that day. Ideal, according to him, would be around 96%... More likely though, he suggested (in line with Dr. TZ..!) it would have been some sort of power issue. Even a surge while the computer was turned off. Mine occasionally forgetting to quit the Shp before shutdown can be excluded as a reason. Because the OS does it for me before signing out... I know, that's a lot off 'stuff', all in one posting.

Let's hope someone gets something out of it!