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Thread: Mac wont boot. No chime nothing. HELP (voodoo reset)

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    Rolleyes "Black Screen no Chime"

    Tried all the suggestions, no chime, no image on screen, which is the old 23" HD Cinema. Have tried everything, with and without screen plugged in.

    Waiting 8 hours, then finish this one below copied from post, and
    then will post results, thanks.

    - remove the CPU
    - press the CUDA for 30 seconds or so
    - remove the PRAM battery!
    - unplug the power cable
    - press the power button to discharge any left over power (this might not actually be necessary)
    - let it sit with no PRAM battery for a while. I'm not sure exactly how long... probably an hour is good, but if you're patient, you∂ can leave it overnight.
    - then put everything back together and try the upgrade again.

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    Confused "Black Screen no Chime"

    Its 10 PM on Monday, 12/27/10. Tried all the suggestions, no change.
    Computer comes on, fans run, but no chime, and the screen remains black.

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    Just a follow-up.
    I replaced the Logic Board with a used one purchased on eBay for $200US.
    Now my iMac is once again running great.
    It was the Logic Board after all.

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