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Thread: Printing problems

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    Don't know if this is the forum for this but here goes. I've got a 1st generation iMac and I've been given a Canon printer by a friend, the printer model is BJC-260. I'm running OS 9.2.2, I have acquired a usb to parallel cable (the printer has no usb port, only parallel).

    My problems: Can this model of printer be used by the Mac. Where do I get the driver and PPD from & how can I get Postscript reliant apps (Like Quark Xpress) to print on a non-postscript printer.

    If anyone can shed light on any of the above I will be truly grateful. Happy 2004.


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    I have no idea if it will work. I assume you'll have to scrounge Canon for a Mac driver, and use USB_DDK_1.5.5f1 to talk to USB port perhaps.

    You can find excellent USB printers from Epson, Lexmark, HP (just haven't used Canon except their excellent USB scanner). I've used and seen Lexmark laser printer E220 for $169 (100 MHz RISC, 8MB RAM, 17 ppm, etc) which would pay for itself in ink, which is where inkjets end up costing more, but you can find photo-quality. Trouble is, an inkjet uses your CPU and hard drive, laser printer does not.

    Any driver on Canon web-site that comes close? ... a true USB printer would make the work a piece of cake

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