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Thread: no boot - not even with CD

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    8500 G3/500, OS 9.2, one internal SCSI drive, Sonnet Tempo ATA 133 PCI card with 2 IDE drives.

    Started up from keyboard, SCSI drive spins, monitor remains black, no startup chimes.

    Computer will not start :
    ?Ģ no start with bootable CD in internal CD ROM
    ?Ģ no start from internal SCSI with OS 9
    ?Ģ no start from IDE drive with OSX or OS9 on seperate partitions on first IDE drive.

    Repair attempts:
    ?Ģ Battery tested ok
    ?Ģ monitor checked out ok
    ?Ģ tried alternate SCSI drive
    ?Ģ reset CUDA
    ?Ģ disconnected Sonnet PCI card
    ?Ģ boot attempt with bootable CD

    At first i thought the problem lay with a dead SCSI as this Seagate Barracuda 9G is at least 5 years old. But replacing it still would not boot the computer. Particularly confusing and problematic is i'm unable to use the CD ROM drive to boot via a boot CD.

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    Seems like I've been seeing a lot of this problem lately.

    Maybe try pulling the battery, and the power cord then let it sit overnight.

    Do you still have the original daughtercard?

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    The processor indeed was the culprit.

    Pulling the upgrade card and restoring the original 120MHz card did work in booting the computer.

    However i encountered numerous stalls after the 2nd extension loaded (looked like the ethernet symbol) and had to force restart several times and then finally walked away for 10 minutes before it booted. Its still producing erratic performance.

    ?Ģ Can anything be done to test an upgrade card, fix it, or once it displays this behavior is it ready for the trash? Its an XLR8 G3/500 that is about 2.5yrs old purchased through MacGurus.

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    Did you install the MACh Speed Control Panel and Extension BEFORE you installed the card?

    If not, this could be the problem you're experiencing.

    It's also quite possible that your MOBO can't handle the 50MHz Bus Speed setting, although theoriticly it should, but we don't know that for sure.

    I've forgotten the Jumper Pin settings on mine (is running pretty solid @ 533MHz) but a search over at XLR8YourMac should be fruitfull.

    Good Luck and keep us informed



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