Hey guys,

Just got home from school for the holidays. My dad has a Dual-500 G4 that he bought from a friend that he hasnt used since he got it. I think they did a clean install of 10.2.5 at the time, plus some applications. I ran system update and installed everything that wasnt current. On the first try it installed Quicktime, iTunes, iMovie, etc, etc, but said it encountered problems with installation of the 10.2.8 combined update, so i 'made it inactive' via one of the menu options, and let it install everything else. After restarting, i ran software update again and tried the 10.2.8 installation again. It seemed to take less time, so I assume it continued from whatever it had downloaded previously. After the install, when I reset the computer, it goes through the startup process...grey screen with apple, then the Starting OS X screen. The last thing it says it is "Loading IP Firewall Extension" or in some cases "Starting Timed Execution Services" immediately followed by a brief "Startup Complete". After that though, there is just a blank blue screen. No log in screen. I can move the cursor around, but cant get any further response. This is my first time running OS X, so I havent any idea how to trouble shoot, and I might not be able to as I dont have a system disc at the moment (I dont think it made it though my parents move), although after Christmas I will have a copy of 10.3 included with my new laptop.

Your help would me hugely appreciated.


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