Fellow Mac geeks,

I have just bought a powerbook (firewire) Pismo 400mhz laptop secondhand and everything seems to be working as it should, however despite claims from the previous owner that the lithium battery was in full working condition 12 hours ago, now I can't get it to recharge. When the AC power is connected and the battery inside I don't get a little lightning symbol as i usually would in my menu bar. (btw this is the original battery that came with the Pismo I checked.)

I'm working in OS9 but neither OS9 or OSX would charge the battery. It occurred to me to try to reset the battery I'll tell you guys what I did:

First I did a reset from the back of the powerbook with that little reset button to no effect. Then I tried resetting the battery with an app I got from Mac tracker called "Battery reset 2.0" only problem is that app doesn't work on a Pismo. Thankfully I had a Lombard handy so I put the battery in there and reset the battery from the Lombard. Then I put the battery back into the pismo. Now I get the lightning symbol and rejoice thinking the problem is fixed but after 20 seconds the symbol goes away and still the darn thing will not recharge. I reset the battery using the above process again for the hell of it to no effect. Now I'm all out of ideas.

When I press the button on the battery it flashes green real quick then stops. Grr. I'm hoping I won't have to get a new battery. Do Apple even sell them anymore? Anyway if anyone can give me any advice I'd appreciate it. Cheers,

- Dr T