i hope i'm in the right place, if not, please accept my apology.

i work in a residential setting for juvenile criminals. one of my students decided that the power cord for the 600mhz slot-loading imac would make a great stinger (way to boil water) and so stole a power cord from one of the computers in the lab and chopped it into little pieces. i must now replace the pearl power cord.

at first apple was VERY rude. they transfered me to apple care person who wanted to charge me for an incident in addition to the cost of the power cord. they then directed me to outside vendor who knew nothing about power cords. i called apple back and a nice person told me i need the pearl power cord which would cost about $45 including shipping.

i have been given a budget of no more than $450. i need to get 11 airport adapters, 2 replacement keyboards, an external firewire hard drive, and this power cord (the way i have it now, i am $30 over my alloted budget). i've seen computer power cords for $6-- why can't i use one of those??

is there someplace less expensive than apple itself that sells replacement parts?