Trying to get a recently, and successfully, flashed PC world Sapphire Radeon PCI video card to work on my 8600. The card has 64MB w/ DVI, Svideo, and VGA. Card has been verified working in 2 other Mac's (9600 and a MDD G4)

In my 8600 I have an Initio Miles UW driving 2 IBM LVD/SE drives (been solid for years). I'm now using this setup under OS X for my home dir and swap file storage since I cannot boot from it on the old world machine (mainly because the OS X firmware can't be seen in OS 9 and visa-versa)

When I have both the Initio and the Radeon in the 8600, regardless of Slot's used, the card only shows 32MB of RAM instead of what it has, 64MB. Take the Initio out and presto, 64MB of RAM.

Attempted Resolutions:
-Full Reset (similar to B&W w/ removal of all power sources and cards from mobo for 10 min with CUDA reset.
-Re-flashing the firmware to the Initio and Radeon cards

At this point I'm at a loss. Any ideas out there?


Other important specs for the 8600:
-XLR8 G3 (466 oc'd to 500)
-672MB EDO Interleaved
-Stock 4GB Quantum Fireball (2 partitions 1 for 9.2.2 and 1 for 10.2.8)
-Belkin 2pt USB/3pt Firewire PCI card