Thanks for the ATTO cards. The one in the machine is working just fine, and provides perfect storage for my stuff, and a fairly snappy old mac, using 9.21.

I included a couple mac powerbook to screen adapters, just in case someone needs one in the future.

Thanks again, and if you haven't got the box, let me know.

I would email you, but I managed to screw up my windows machine by installing one copy of Roxio
5.0 over 4.0, and instead of deleting the existing software, it's seems that the combination resulted in windows not being able to see any cd-rom, or DVD player, even though they showed up as unknown devices, I still couldn't use any of them. Ended up having to Fdisk my raid, and reinstall.

Or, how to spend a weekend screwing with computers when you really didn't want to.


Mac G3/333mhz/384mb RAM Startup system: ATTO OEM UW SCSI Card
4000N printer

Lombard 333 with 384 mb RAM, VST Floppy, zip, and CD