Well, I spent all last night trying to get two different jazz drives, both scsi, to work with two different pc computers, through a variety of cards and with a bunch of different kinds of software. No joy.

I was thinking I could save my stuff as bmp, and transfer it on to the pc's for storage.

Both computers bogged down to a crawl when trying to load a jazz disk. They seemed to work fine on my mac at work.

I guess I'm back to selling jazz stuff, and zip drive, and moving over to a firewire external storage solution. I could do that once a week, or just burn the cd's. I could burn an awful lot of backup cd's for the cost of the firewire drive.



Mac G3/333mhz/384mb RAM Startup system: ATTO OEM UW SCSI Card
4000N printer

Lombard 333 with 384 mb RAM, VST Floppy, zip, and CD