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Thread: G5 Troubleshooting

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    Ken Tidwell's list of the Top 20 Things the New G5 Owner Should Know:

    RAM must be added in pairs only...all models. Opinions vary, but 1gb ~ 2gb RAM seems to be a general minimum before these units really shine. [...]
    Clean the cast aluminum exterior with iKlear from Apple, or a mild dishwashing detergent.
    PCI-X (1.8GHz and 2.0GHz G5s only) supports both PCI-X and PCI... but 3.3 volts only... not 5 V.
    The case latch can be used as a locking point for a security cable.
    Carbon Copy Cloner is a great tool for moving data from another Mac.
    Virtual PC (current version...6?) will not yet run on a G5.
    The OS shipping with the G5s at this time is an interim OS, and does not yet support the 64-bit capability of this machine. Give it another 2 to 4 months.
    FireWire 800 uses a different connector from FireWire 400 (and Sony's 4-pin connector).
    The Sony DVD writer is not capable of handling DVD+R.
    The aluminum case inhibits Bluetooth and Airport signals...don't forget to mount the external antenna(s).
    The G5 will automatically reduce processor speed in response to having the side cover(s) removed. There is also a system preference for selective control. From the G5 Developer Note: Fan speed control: The speeds of the fans are thermally controlled and are automatically set as low as possible to minimize noise. System performance can be specified by a "high/reduced/automatic" pulldown option provided in the Energy Saver Control pane in System Preferences.
    The rear video connector labeled DVI supports both DVI-I and DVI-D.
    The rear digital audio connection is a TOSLINK sure to buy optical cables that use the square (indexed) connector (not round) on at least one end.
    The four screws on the interior bulkhead near the drives are spares that are used when installing a second hard disk. [photo]
    The analog audio input on the rear can be used for directly connecting a microphone, which must be self-powered.
    [Apple's G5 Developer Note, however, says: "The audio inputs are designed to accept high-level audio signals: 2.2 Vrms or +8 dbu, which is the standard output level from CD and DVD players. The output level of some consumer audio devices is lower, often 0.316 Vrms or -10 dbV. Sound recordings made on the Power Mac G5 with such low-level devices have more noise than those made with high-level devices." -MacInTouch]
    The power supply is auto-ranging, meaning it will switch between two choices of voltages: 100-125V AC or 200-240V AC.
    The USB ports on the computer itself are USB 2.0, while the USB ports on the keyboard are USB 1.1.
    G5 owners interested or working with 'High Throughput Computing' are advised to check out Condor.
    G5'ers curious about 64-bit computing can start here: [Ars Technica 64-bit introduction]
    A good demo for friends and family is always a movie...stop by the Apple Quicktime site for latest trailers.

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    Please see this message: SCSI not bootable in G5

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