Today I have been trying to get my 8600/250 270Mb running OS9.1 to look at the web through my new router and DSL phone line, but to no avail. I spoke to the tech support at the ISP and they went through everything with me but still no joy.

When we first hooked up the router, we set the TCP/IP to Ethernet and to configure using DHCP. This allocated the IP address, Subnet mask and the router an address, no problem. This means the router and computer are "talking", I can access the router configuration page and key in my user name and password as given by the ISP, this allows the router to connect to the server, the tech support at the ISP can ping me, so the router and the server are "talking" but I still can't browse the web or check my emails.

Now what they suggested was that I ping them back and see what happens.

Question 1: How do I ping (what software if any extra do I need)?

Question 2: If they can see me and I can get addresses from them, then why can't I browse?

Request: Go easy with the jargon, I know my way around the Mac but am easily blinded by science!!