CRT Apple Studio Display 17in ADC (clear gray plastic) Flat Screen

This is the last CRT model (egg shape) with ADC connector, before flat panels came out.

Ok i got this CRT studio Display hooked up to a 1ghz MDD G4, and i like the way it starts up and goes to sleep hitting the power button. But the only problem i have with it is, there is no way to shut the monitor off. AS in haveing the computer running, and monitor off like a VGA monitor.

Anyone know if there is a option i'm missing, or a manual on it? Cause the manuals on the apple site blow, and there is little to no info on this display.

Anyone that has some exp, or some really good info on this model would be most helpful.

G4 1.25 DP (MDD/FW800) -- 1.25gig Ram -- 2x18gig SCSI -- 40gig & 80gig ATAs (all Seagates)
ATi Radion 9000 -- 21 Inch Apple Studio Display

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