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Thread: Monitor shifts, jitters side to side

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    Recently, the entire screen on my 5 year old Princeton Graphics EO90 19" CRT monitor hooked to my 5 year old PM9600/300 w/8mb stock ixmicro twin turbo vCard has exhibited an irregular shakey shifting jerk movement of about 1/8in. side to side about every 10 or 15 minutes. I'm running OS 8.6 w/most recent video driver on stock 4gb HD and OS 9.1 on second 6 month old 9gb HD w/same video driver with same results on both.

    I'ld suspected AC voltage interference in the lines of my apartment complex and so I disconnected all electrical components in my room as well as separate the data cables from the power cables of my computer peripherals. I also hooked the monitor up to my 2mb vCard equiped PC in the same room and the problem stopped.

    Could it be my video card is going out? I don't know the symptons on that. Or could it be the VGA to Mac adapter is bad? This happens even when I change resolutions and refresh rates, but since it's never done this in the 5 years I've had this setup that should be ruled out. Power supply going out?

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    I would zero in on the card and video adapter first. Remove the TT, clean its slot contacts with a pencil eraser, don't rub hard, then clean off the eraser residue with a soft cloth. Blow out any dust bunnies from the PCI slot. Reinstall the TT. Once you get the backplane lined up and the TT part way into the slot, now push down on the card until you hear/feel the card all the way in and push until you feel a slight mobo give.

    Since you don't have another adapter, I found that even with the monitor cable screwed to the adapter and adapter screwed to the video card, the monitor cable was so heavy that its weight was sometimes enough to cause similar intermittent problems such as yours. Just propping up the cable with a box about 6" from the adapter was enough for my situation.

    I would also check the monitor's AC power plug for solid plug-in. Spread the blades a little if the plug feels at all loose. BTW, you don't have any unshielded speaker boxes next to the monitor?

    Let us know. k

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