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Thread: ibook 500mhz, 12.1 inch

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    having problems booting a ibook. get grey screen on startup. tried the following. replaced the internal hd. installed clean system software 0S 9.2 from the original disk. reset the firmware screen and vram. bye the way the cdrom drive does not work will not boot from any cd. won't mount. the only way i can see the harddrive is threw target disk mode by holding down the 'T' KEY i can access the hd then all the files etc. but when i try to boot it after that grey screen etc.. any suggestions on how to overcome this problem

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    Hey Greentree,

    Interesting that you are getting a grey screen booting into OS 9 - thought that was just an X thing. If you were booting X I would say *definitely* yank out any extra RAM (minus the original stick from Apple if you've got it). OS X is very, very picky about this kind of thing and just won't boot if it doesn't think it has the good stuff.

    While OS 9 does have a tendency to blindly trudge through bad RAM, a funky (or mismatched speed) stick has done the same thing to a few of my OS 9 machines.

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