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Thread: Macintosh Classic II startup problem

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    when i turn the mac on, the monitor turns into a chessboard like pattern,
    and sometimes striped. Sometimes it boots normally (rare).
    what could be happening?

    thanks, .:.

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    You comfortable working inside the case? If not, then nothing you can try without risking making it worse. if you are, check all the video connections, outside first, if that doesn't help, then inside. Past that, repair shop is the best I can think of. Unless you have a really tight buget, or you want this working for a collection, go buy a nice used G4 or something. I got a 7600 Power Macintosh for $10 plus $20 shipping, and it can do all my daily stuff. If i want Warcraft III, I gotta turn to my PC though. If that's your only computer, I don't expect you to be making the jump straight to Warcraft III though. Your welcome in advance, if you screw up, don't sue me, i spent my last $30 on a computer.
    EDIT: Don't flame me for bringing back an old post, he had no responses so I thought he might still need help. And this could appy to any computer video corruption.

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